How do I check the status of my order?

The order status messages can be viewed through the 'Order History' section when logging into your account through the Insight website.  

Please note- If you require an update on your order prior to it being invoiced please contact your assigned Account Manager or general sales 0844 846 3333.

Here are the definitions for the order status messages:

Open Quote: You have placed a quote with us. To buy the products on your quote please go to the myAccount section on our website The quote will be valid for 30 days and the expiry date is shown in the quote section. 

Items on order: We are in the process of ordering stock in for your order. If you can see stock available already then please allow up to an hour for our stock allocation process to update your order. The stock allocation process only runs during office hours. Note: The stock shown on the website may not be available for direct delivery with certain shipping methods, in those cases we will order into our own warehouse and ship to you from there.

Order is being sourced: This means your order has entered the picking process. We will dispatch it as soon as it is ready, which is usually within the next 24 hours.

Order Being Processed: We have received your order and it is being processed in our fulfilment system.

Order Invoiced: Our order has been shipped and invoiced.

Credited Items: We have issued you with a credit note and are processing it on our system.

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